Vaccitech Oncology Limited’s ChAdOx1/MVA prime-boost immunotherapeutic shows preclinical potential as a novel cancer treatment

This story was adapted from the joint press release issued by the University of Oxford and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

  • Research from the University of Oxford and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research shows the cancer immunotherapeutic generates effective anti-tumor immune responses and, in combination with immunotherapy, decreases tumor size and increases survival rates in mouse models.
  • The technology is comprised of the ChAdOx vector, which underpins the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine.
  • The prime-boost viral vector product is licensed to Vaccitech Oncology Limited (VOLT), a strategic initiative between the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Vaccitech plc.
  • A first-in-human clinical trial of the immunotherapeutic (VTP-600) in patients with non-small cell lung cancer will commence later this year.

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