Scius Communications Supports Investor Pitch Session at Nordic Life Science Days

17th September 2018 – Scius Communications was delighted to be invited to moderate the investor pitching session at Nordic Life Sciences (NLS) Days in Stockholm on 12th September. During this session the tables were turned as specialist investors pitched to life science entrepreneurs. The feedback from the audience was that this was one of the most memorable events of the conference. NLS Days is one of the largest partnering and investor event in life sciences in Europe and this year approximately 1,280 delegates representing almost 800 companies from 40 countries joined the conference.

Katja Stout, Managing Director of Scius Communications, commented on the event: “NLS days is a prerequisite for anyone looking to find out more and network with key influencers in the Nordic Life Science sector. This year there was an emphasis on how the Nordics are leaders in patient data collection and artificial intelligence. I was delighted to see a large delegation from Finland, my country of birth, where I have a keen interest in representing companies.

See my Twitter post for a soundbite from the investor pitch session.