Anticancer Bioscience Announces Preclinical Data of Lead Compounds Against Novel Myc Synthetic Lethal Target in Cancer

·      Unique target for MYC-SL compounds identified for precision oncology

·      Three classes of novel synthetic lethal compounds (MYC-SL) identified against this target, acting through interfering mitosis and blocking cytokinesis

·      Therapeutic efficacy demonstrated in a large panel of cell lines representing a large variety of human malignancies in vitro and in xenograft experiments

Chengdu, China, 11 May 2021 – Anticancer Bioscience (ACB), pioneers in synthetic lethal approaches to precision oncology, announced today progress in its MYC-synthetic lethal (MYC-SL) program. The Company has identified three classes of novel small molecule compounds that demonstrate robust anti-cancer activity in preclinical studies, acting through interfering with mitosis and blocking cytokinesis. ACB is progressing through optimization and final candidate selection with the goal of progressing at least one of these MYC-SL compounds into clinical trials by 2022.

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