• To support clients in raising their profile and facilitate engagement with key stakeholders
  • Push organic and paid content through LinkedIn and Twitter to build followers and engagement with new audiences
  • Overall support with recruitment, financing, and generating collaborations, all of which serve to help achieve scientific and commercial goals


  • Organic posting with imagery improves engagement with content and nurtures relationship with the client’s audience
  • Paid promotion to increase followers and reach with new audiences in specific geographies
  • Establish a frequency that is credible, useful, and sustainable
  • Content can include company news, conferences and events, publications and data, awareness days


  • Our support has led to a more proactive and visually appealing stream of contents for clients
  • Leveraging paid promotion has further increased engagement and reach of content, also increasing number of followers
  • We help clients manage their social media output and improve engagement both internally and externally
  • Our content has also supported clients with senior executive recruitment


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Conference Attendance

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