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LSX World Congress Plenary Panel – Biotech in 2022: Another wave or low tide?

McKinsey’s Alexandra Zemp and Rachel Moss presented intriguing data and provided timely insights on where they see the markets, currently in turmoil, may go in 2022. The McKinsey partners opened with frightening stats that the biotech public markets have declined 36% since 1 Sept 2021 to May 2022. The IPO window has narrowed significantly, with […]

Riding the Crest of a Digital Wave Transforming Healthcare

At BIO-Europe Spring 2022, Javier Nunez Vicandi of Heal Capital hosted a wide-ranging panel discussion on the timely topic of ‘How Digital Health Technologies Can Support Systemic Change in Healthcare’. The panellists were David Braun from Merck Healthcare, Ed Cox from EVERSANA, Nino da Silva from BC Platforms, and Valerie Kirchberger from Heartbeat Medical. The panel […]

Powering up your BIO-Europe Spring® Partnering

Ready… steady… Go! It’s almost time for another BIO-Europe Spring®, delivered digitally. This is Europe’s premier springtime partnering conference for the biotechnology industry. We have all had a lot of experience doing events digitally now, and we wanted to share some tips on how to power up your BIO-Europe Spring digital partnering experience. View blog post

Staying human in a digital world

Do you remember your first digital conference? Logging on, learning how to navigate the various platforms, and talking business over a webcam. Back then you may have thought this was just a temporary fix and that by now we would be back to enjoying face to face meetings, complementary finger foods, and exploring beautiful cities. […]

Let the Northern Lights Illuminate your BIO-Europe® Partnering

Making a plan for BIO-Europe® Digital in October? This time around we were almost going to be in Stockholm, one of the glittering capitals in the Nordics. But the world doesn’t seem quite ready to kick off its comfy Zoom slippers and try on some new work shoes to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk, for […]