Why eating seven M&Ms daily is essential for digital communications success at BIO-Europe Spring®

In light of the restaging of BIO-Europe Spring® 2020, the most important springtime life science partnering conference in Europe, from a three-day onsite event to a five-day fully digital conference, we thought you’d enjoy some pointers on optimum digital engagement.

When President Obama was still in office, The New York Times ran a fascinating piece about how he managed his precious hours alone. The NYT revealed that to stay focused when writing speeches, he’d eat exactly seven almonds each night. Not six, not eight, but seven, lightly salted. Now, we’re not so keen on almonds at Scius Communications, but we do like M&Ms, so we wondered if we could learn a valuable life lesson from the former President and improve our work by eating them regularly. And you know what, it really helps, so we’d like to share with the BIO-Europe Spring community the secret (chocolate) sauce for communications success.

When developing a communications strategy, we consider seven elements, each starting with an M. We reward ourselves with a single M&M each after fleshing out each element. We suggest you get your own bag of M&Ms and eat one after reading each element below. In a world where business development and partnering meetings must often be done digitally across time zones anyway, and now with travel restrictions preventing face-to-face meetings, we offer these M&Ms for success.

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