Serena Rianjongdee

Senior Account Manager


  • Serena is a communications specialist having worked in the research, charity and healthcare sectors on a range of traditional and digital campaigns. She comes from a team championing innovations ranging from artificial intelligence to new diagnostics across healthcare working side by side with industry, government, regulators, patients and the NHS.
  • Serena graduated from the University of York with a First-class degree in Biology after studying a wide range of fields from pathology to ecology. She also completed a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) funded placement in an immunology lab in her final year.
  • After graduating Serena began working in the charity sectors, starting in an animal health charity focusing on high profile fundraising events and their corporate sponsorship, and then moving into the largest homelessness shelter in Newham within the fundraising and communications function.
  • Deciding to align closer to her degree interested, Serena then began working in a wide-ranging communications and engagement role a leading mental health research centre where she was based between the bustling press offices of King’s College London and an NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Since then Serena has worked in NHS England shaping communications and strategy in their innovation team varying from burgeoning ideas and businesses from single innovators through to corporate partnerships with big pharma.